unknowingness absolves the future path of danger

Gadfium couldn’t think what to say for a while. She stared into the darkness ahead, where she could just make out the heat signature of the returning lammergeier. She imagined the dark, buried city of Oubliette coming closer ahead, and herself riding with a preaching bird, twenty cretinous semi-humans and as many house-high mammoths to do battle with the élite of Security and probably the Cryptographers too.
The scaly-necked bird flapped and settled on the broad hairy shoulders of the creature ahead of her.
‘Have faith in nothing,’ it said in a quiet screech. ‘Faith is the eye that sees nothing and rejoices in it. Unknowingness absolves the future path of danger. The eye sees, sees nothing, and so has faith. Fair set, all are hallowed. Shanti.’

Iain M. Banks
Feersum Endjinn
Orbit 1995, lk 237–238
lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus)
on maakeeli habekotkas

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